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Cleanse with Dr Lori Mae Janzen ND

21-Day Cleanse by Dr. Lori Mae Janzen ND (Fall – Winter Edition)

It’s a great time to KICK-START some lifestyle and diet strategies to improve your overall health and energy – BOOT the habits that aren’t serving you! JOIN my Fall-Winter Edition 21-Day Cleanse to improve your overall health! Read on for details! It takes 21 days to start re-setting and creating new habits… allowing you to feel the positive changes possible in this short time! We’ll focus on nourishing and del
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Fresh green wheat grass with drops dew

Why Organic Food…?

These days, organic food is getting a lot more attention. From fresh produce to packaged foods, you can find an “organic” food label on many items. Even your conventional grocery stores are carrying more organic items. But with it often comes a higher price tag. Is it really worth it? Why eat organic food? This video is a great and simple reminder about why I recommend organic food wherever possible. Simp
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