Maternity Leave

Back from Maternity Leave 2.0!

It’s been just over a year since my baby girl sprung an early arrival and since I’ve been on maternity leave! I’m now back at Nature Doctors, excited to book appointments! Dr. Deirdre Jasper ND has been amazing throughout this year, and I hope you’ve had the chance to connect with her while I’ve been on leave. If not, I’m more than happy to pick up where we’ve left off and continue to collaborate on your
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Birth Announcement – Early Arrival!

After much anticipation of an April due date, my baby decided to arrive 1 month early in March! To my surprise, we had a little girl, Ivy Maude Evea (pronounced Uh-vay-ah). Born in a hurry with an incredible birth, we received difficult news shortly after that she had a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. This condition came as a surprise and meant she needed to be in the NICU and required surgery to repair her diaphrag
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Back from Maternity Leave!

It’s true – nearly a year has gone by since I had my sweet baby boy! Hard to believe how time flies. But, I am back at the Wolseley Wellness Centre, 1 day a week every Wednesday in June, and will be increasing my hours come July. Dr. Jasper has agreed to continue on at Wolseley Wellness for the next few months while I am transitioning back. Thanks Dr. Jasper for all your work this year! It will be great w
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