Vitamin C Supplementation – Are Medical Professionals Against It?

I’ve heard the same news story repeated; “The verdict’s in! Doctors confirm Vitamin C doesn’t help your cold or flu symptoms!” Or, “supplemental vitamin C doesn’t improve your health.” Really?! That’s the breaking news story each cold and flu season? Seriously? Are these docs and health professionals really against Vitamin C? First of all, let’s all crack our biochemistry textbooks open from university again and read
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2014 and Your Health Wheel

And I emerge into this New Year after 6 months of being ‘home’ with my baby boy. Happy 2014! After several months of a very different routine than my norm, I’ve been reminded at various times of the availability of health care and information relating to it. We really do have a breadth of access to supports and health care services where we live. From primary care, emergency services (both telephone and walk-in) to v
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Welcome, Dr. Jasper!

This letter went out to our patients in June 2013. Hello! As you know, I am expecting the arrival of my first baby next month, and will be on Maternity Leave from this July until spring of 2014.  In preparation for this time, I have arranged for a locum Naturopathic doctor to fill-in for me. As such, I am very pleased to introduce Dr. Deirdre Jasper ND, who is joining our team at the Wolseley Wellness Centre from Jul
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Welcome to My Blog

Hi, I’m Dr. Lori Mae Janzen and I will be posting items that intrigue and interest me – relating to health, environmental medicine, nutrition, naturopathic medicine information…things that get my attention or strike a chord (good or bad;). Hope you enjoy!
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